About Time Lapse Camera

Acquire seamless, stunning, clear, high resolution, panoramic imagery for detailed on-site documentation with our Time-Lapse cameras. Equipped with advanced technology, our cameras capture superior-quality images regardless of environmental conditions, making them ideal tools for clear documentation, monitoring, presentation of work in progress, and other commercial and demonstration aspects.Our High Megapixel Cameras offer crystal-clear, super high-definition imagery for use in your marketing and promotional campaigns. The user control features can be assigned and modified instantly through an online dashboard that is easily accessible from any Internet-connected device. View the time lapse video at any time you like and from any location, including your smartphone, laptop, or a desktop computer located in another region of the country.

  • Superior Quality

    Superior-quality clarity with stunning panoramic imagery for project promotional strategies.

  • High Resolution Cameras

    High Resolution DSLR / IP Based Cameras, 18 -50.2 mp Cameras.

  • Timelapse Video

    A custom time lapse construction video package to fit the unique needs of your construction project.

  • Flexible

    Flexible archiving and display options with image comparison capabilities.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    View your jobsite from anywhere with 24/7 real-time video feeds and free mobile access on iPhone/iPad and Email, share, and save images instantly.

  • Unlimited Users

    Unlimited users with varying and pre-defined control capabilities.

  • High Defanition Imagery

    Crystal clear, high-definition imagery to document compliance requirements.

  • Playback Option & Solar Power

    On demand time lapse playback options. Solar power supported system


Why use multiple fixed cameras to monitor large work areas when you could just get our mobile PTZ camera instead?

PTZ cameras provide maximum video surveillance with minimal installation and moving lenses. They can also be pre-set to take guard tours of predetermined positions according to a schedule, or even be programmed to move automatically when action is detected.BG live offers ultra-high image resolution for surveillance in superb detail at 8 frames per second, achieving unprecedented levels of detail for observing open spaces and across long distances. It features digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) imaging technology and offers a choice of Canon EF/EF-S lenses, depending on individual user needs. Equipped with an EF lens mount, the camera enables easy lens changes. It is compatible with a large number of video management systems, and it supports Zipstream that significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements.

  • Live 20 MP Network Camera

  • Canon EF Mount & EF/EF-S Lenses



  • POE AND SFP Slot for Fiber Connection

  • Accessory Housing

Customizable Viewing

Need to show last week's progress at this afternoon's meeting? Quickly generate sophisticated time-lapse videos with just a few clicks. Customise your presentation as needed with pinpoint accuracy relevant to the period, subject or discussion.

Professional Quality

Backed by a team of expert video editors, BG Live can deliver manually edited footage customised according to your need. You can use it for presentations or promotions to create an impactful visual experience for the viewer. This makes reviewing progress easy to monitor and helps take faster decisions.

Instant Updates

Get up-to-date Time-Lapse Videos of the entire project daily. These videos are automatically generated for you to view, download and share and enable you to monitor every stage of construction from wherever you may be.

Time Lapse Movies

Experience seamless documentation, management, promotion, and presentation with High definition Time-Lapse videos.

18 MEGAPIXEL I Cameras
24.2 MEGAPIXEL I Cameras
30.2 MEGAPIXEL I Cameras
50 MEGAPIXEL I Cameras