BG Live- Software

Whether you’d like to document, manage or simply check-in on your project or construction site, the all-new BG LIVE intuitive interface makes it easier than ever.

Designed to be responsive and efficient, our interface is packed with features that enable you to do more in a fraction of the time. Instantly view and share high-resolution job site images and time-lapse videos. Experience convenient access to your construction camera platform no matter where you are, and an adaptive interface that works on any device.

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You no longer have to worry about adding yet another platform to your current process chain, the BG LIVE software interface integrates easily into all kinds of project management systems. Track progress and schedules, change orders and validate pay requests all from one place.


Security is always a top priority at BG LIVE. Which is why we offer you multiple security levels to fit your every requirement. You can even add, remove and modify accounts at your discretion to have total control over both camera and project access.

Instant Time-Lapse

Fresh time-lapses are created daily. View date-specific segments on your time-lapse movies, ideal for quick progress reports and team updates. Perfect to share on social media by instantly uploading your time-lapse complete with royalty-free music and your company-branded logo overlay directly to YouTube.

Widescreen Panoramas

Combine greater jobsite visibility and imaginative content creation. With 10 billion pixel capability, view your project with greater detail and create crisp content for marketing use.