We help you coordinate every detail of the live stream video process, from the setup and installation of the hardware and software to helping you with the Internet hosting requirements. Once the system is fully installed and operational, you will enjoy 24/7 live stream video with quick and easy viewing and control capabilities from desktops, laptops, smartphones, or any other location with an Internet connection. From the PTZ-optimized dashboard environment, users can zoom in, zoom out, pan, or tilt the camera angle to obtain the precise viewing angle required.

  • Construction Camera

    A live stream construction camera package that is customized to fit the unique needs of your project.

  • PTZ- Control of Camera System

    PTZ , control of camera system. Zoomin, zoom out, tilt, and panning capabilities through an easy management dashboard environment.

  • BGLIVE Camera Control Center

    Responsive design all Mobile phones, Tablet, Phablet and Large screen.

  • Protect Your Work Site

    Protect your job site against theft and vandalism with 24/7 surveillance systems and additional motion detection capabilities.

  • Monitor your job site

    Monitor your job site in all weather conditions and from multiple points of view.

  • Instant Manage

    Email, share, and save images instantly

  • Embed Video

    Embed video imagery in websites and other promotional content.

  • Unlimited Users

    Unlimited users with varying and pre-defined control capabilities.

  • Weather Proof

    Weather Proof Enclosure (IP66 rated)

  • Remote Cleaning

    Window Wiper ,Onscreen button for wiper control to allow remote cleaning of the viewing window.

  • Multi View

    A multi-view screen to view all of the cameras on a project at the same time.

  • Solar

    Solar energy, support & training


You will enjoy 24/7 live stream video with quick and easy viewing and control capabilities from desktops, laptops and smartphones.The compact, outdoor-ready BG live delivers top performance 4K (8 MP) video at 25/30 fps, with 12x optical zoom, and autofocus. BGlives’ Sharpdome technology provides full scene fidelity and perfect image quality in all directions – above as well as below the horizon. Using the latest technology, it has good low light performance, and the quick and precise pan of more than 700°/s makes it easy to change viewing position and follow fast moving objects. BGlives’ Speed Dry function easily removes water drips from the dome glass, providing sharp images in rainy weather. The camera also features EIS and defogging.

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