BGLIVE Webcam provides anytime access to live conditions of your worksite, perfect for broad site overviews of current conditions and construction activity. Implementing high-quality, maintenance-free cameras .Our variety of web cams can be customized to any project, from single point-of-interest solutions to complete 360-degree perspectives of the entire worksite. We help coordinate every detail, from webcam setup to hosting your video footage and monitoring the camera 24/7/365 for quick and easy troubleshooting. Get real-time access to your project’s live webcam feeds anywhere, anytime through our online platform Monitoring construction progress is no longer a hassle. Our sophisticated camera system offers efficient monitoring - better than any other mode

  • Construction Camera Systems

    Get the complete package with our construction camera systems.

  • Project Monitoring

    Experience the convenience of integrated hardware, software, data connections,and any other service you may need for accurate and efficient project monitoring.

  • Solutions

    With BG LIVE’s solutions, you can finally focus on more important things to complete your project successfully.

  • World- Class Quality

    Get world- class quality high to extremely high-resolution images and live video on demand for construction site monitoring.

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